Marketing management


The Master’s Program Marketing Management addresses economists who already benefit from a range of marketing knowledge, those who work in the field of marketing or wish a successful career and who want to deepen the process of adopting the strategic decisions needed to conduct the marketing activity and intends to -and develop skills to use a whole analytical tool, in order to make decisions in a market economy

Through the assumed mission the program falls within the coordinates of the General Mission of A.S.E. and the Faculty of Marketing, the maker of workforce for market leaders.

The purpose of the program

The main purpose of the program is to implement, develop and evaluate marketing leadership in diverse areas and in complex situations that characterize the current business environment.

Target audience

  1. The program aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge for:
    • Understanding the role of marketing at company management level
    • Understanding marketing research as a central element in marketing marketing decisions
    • Understanding how marketing strategies and tactics are grounded
  2. Developing general and professional skills to enable graduates to build a career in management and marketing
  3. Acquiring management skills in marketing and marketing strategies by program graduates