Online marketing

Master Online Marketing Program

It proposes to bring in Romanian education a new, modern and attractive approach, starting from the expectations and new realities of the students and the Romanian market.

If you are interested in this program, I think the first question you are facing would beWhy would you be useful for an academic program in marketing? The answer is simple: for more than 50 years the market economy is dominated by the so-called “marketing orientation”. In short, it would mean that an organization will be successful as it manages to adapt its supply to the real needs and requirements of the market on which it operates. To this end, they must constantly supervise the environment in which they operate and adjust their own resources to successfully meet threats and to exploit all the opportunities that have arisen. From this point of view, whether you will be active in the political, economic, agrarian, international or any other field that you imagine, a marketing vision will be useful to address the issues you are facing you will be confronted.

From a closer perspective, an academic program in marketing is useful because the graduates of such a program have opened an extremely large number of employment opportunities in the current Romanian economy. You can pursue a career in advertising, sales, market research, web site development, customer relationship management or even corporate management (not to mention obvious things – marketing departments are increasingly represented in market). Practically, each of the subjects included in this master program is an employment opportunity.

In addition, since 1991, when the IT & C investments in the United States have outstripped the industry, theoreticians believe that we have become members of the Information Society, the successor of the industrial one, where the correct and accurate knowledge is more more than the productive facilities of the traditional economy.

From this point of view, Master Online Marketing offers you, besides a complete marketing education, the knowledge and tools needed to apply the marketing vision in the modern Internet-dominated economy, the rapid transfer of information and the decentralization of most traditional economic practices. The subjects taught in the Master Online Marketing program, although some of them are similar to those taught in other Master’s programs at the Faculty of Marketing, have, in particular at the level of case studies and practical applications, a significant component extracted from the environment online.

We are waiting for you and we are at your disposal for any other information!